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Frequently Asked

What services do you provide?

Men’s Health and hormone optimization including (but not limited to) Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Human Growth Hormone Optimization,and more.

Performance Enhancement with Peptides and other medications to help maintain your edge.

Medications for weight loss 


IV Hydration for general wellness, weight loss, performance enhancement and muscle recovery.


Medical Marijuana Cards to help with various symptoms

Is Testosterone Replacement therapy safe?

Absolutely! There is a lot of misinformation about testosterone and testosterone replacement. There are many studies showing  its safety!

Will my insurance cover my testosterone?

Generally speaking no. Insurance companies have strict criteria to cover testosterone replacement therapy and other hormones, As a result, many patients are excluded from treatment. That is why at Stracuzzi Wellness we keep our fees affordable.

How often do I have to get IV hydration for it to be effective?

As little as one treatment will make a difference! Usually people will feel the effects of it within 3 hours of  receiving the IV fluid infusion. 

How often can I receive the IV Hydration?

It all depends on what your needs/goals are, If you have a stressful physical or mental event coming up you can receive it weekly for a month or longer to really get your mind and body ready to perform at a higher level!

With that being said, most people opt to do the iv fluids twice a month.

I am interested in other services, do you do bundling of your services?

Absolutely! If you are on the mens health TRT/HRT program or weight loss program, you receive 15 percent off. In addition if you buy three sessions of IV Hydration, you get 25% off the fourth iv infusion. 

I still have questions can we talk?

Absolutely feel free to contact us through the website or message us directly at 845-481-3165.

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